Individual solutions

TMK manufactures high quality products from technical plastics. We operate economically and with high precision. The basis of convincing and flexible solutions by TMK Zerspanungstechnik are  state-of-the-art production processes, materials selected by specialists and communication with our customers.



All conventional thermoplastics can be extruded and modified with specific properties. TMK uses extrusion in the production process of profiles and semifinished products.

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Injection moulding

TMK uses the latest production technology in the process of injection moulding. Powerful, process-controlled machines help us to reach the high standards we are aiming at. Our professional experience combined with the versatility of materials enable us to produce high-quality injection moulded products.

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Plastics cutting is the fastest and most economical production technique. TMK has acquired years of experience in this field of plastics cutting. Our knowledge and experience in combination with modern CNC-controlled machinery enable us to reach the highest levels of precision and to operate within the narrowest tolerances.

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