Bearings, rollers, guides, washers, made from PE, PP and PVC

Application: chemical engineering, electrical engineering and food indusries.

Construction parts made from Polypropylene and  Polyvenylchloride are used in chemical and electrical engineering due to high resistance to chemical substances, strength and stiffness. Parts made from Polyethylene additionally have the properties of excellent gliding and low weight, making them especially suitable for application in the field of apparatus engineering. Polyethylene is the preferred material used in machine construction and food industries. Modification with small metal pieces makes the material detectable even when used in small amounts. The material is FDA licensed.


Each material is available in a variety of modifications and colours according to the field of application!

Product properties:


  • low moisture absorption
  • low specific weight
  • good gliding properties
  • good cuttability



  • low moisture absorption
  • low specific weight
  • high tenacity
  • good weldability



  • flame resistant
  • self-extinguishing
  • high strength
  • good glueability

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